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Matching System
The purpose of the matching system is as follows, from highest to lowest priority:
Child protection is not a novice and experienced players; let no novice master inning.
The creation of competitive and fair game game, the player of the game fun maximized.
Without having to wait too long to find the opponent into the game.
Matching system to do their best to match the level close to the player, the player's level from before them and their opponents who won level
Talent system
LOL Summoner has talent system, call Information panel, click the talent you can see the three-line talent tree. The ultimate gift for each department are 21:00, Summoner Level 1 every upgrade, you can get a little more talent points for the freedom to learn talent, a maximum of 30 points, Summoner's talent is not fixed, based on your selection control the hero is different, you need to modify the talent to adapt to the needs of Summoner, click on the bottom right of the screen "talent points reset" can wash points.
Natural skills are divided into three categories: class attack defense class, general class, talent skill points for a total of 30 points.
Attack type: to improve the physical, magic attack strengthened emphasis on attack Summoner skills.
Defense Class: to improve the physical, magic defense and anti-strike response capacity, strengthen emphasis on defense and reply Summoner skills.
Universal Class: Summoner other capabilities to improve and strengthen the multi-purpose Summoner skills, reduce cooldown. [4]
Rune System
The main role of rune system are: to strengthen the capacity of Summoner (such as blood, crit, attack speed, etc.
). Summoner you can type in the store according to their own operations and the pursuit of heroes, choose a different runes (using play money to purchase) to provide for their hero bonus basis of property; and outside the game rune system (similar to the talent system) for the purchase of the runes were inlaid with settings.
Rune four colors, namely the mark (red), sigil (yellow), Glyph (blue) and cream (purple), the different types of runes while also inlaid mosaic to the corresponding rune slot in every page breaks instruments 9 blue slots, nine red slots, nine yellow slots and three purple rune slots for your mosaic.
In the game, just buy the runes are not selected for Summoner Hero have any help, you need to Rune Rune page embedded in them, in order to make runes have an effect in the game.
Rune is the difference between an important part of the senior players, same game, if the opponent has a rune bonus and you do not, then it is likely that you will lose at the starting line. For all types of heroes with different runes will use another hero in your early game on the line, walk, kill and so has certain advantages (of course this is very similar to the level of knowledge for the players).
Basically all types of runes are covered by the general properties of the hero, the value of life, mana, armor, magic resistance, armor penetration, attack, attack speed, crit rate, crit damage, cooldown reduced time and other attributes. [5]
The buddy system

In the lower left corner of the game platform interface, you can view the narrow buddy list icon, the icon can be seen in the current number of online friends; when clicked, will pop up their buddy list interface.
Idle: Summoner representative is idle; game friends list, louis vuitton outletin the green button on the rear of the idle Summoner name or friends name displayed.
Busy Status: Summoner representative in the game, match or team waiting list; the yellow button game friends list, is busy Summoner name or friends name behind the display. [6]
Spectator mode

When you find that there is a name next to the "eye" icon, indicating that you can watch the progress of his game at this time. Right-click on the buddy list buddy's name, select the "observer mode" in the drop-down menu, you can watch the game being a friend.
Directed Lens
Simply select this mode, the camera will automatically follow the pace of the game to go, you do not need to do anything.
Lens will show you the wonderful team battles or some important moments and seamlessly jump.
Directed lens will give priority to the players to play some moments of interest, such as the hero kill.
When several heroes appear on a screen, the camera will automatically adjust to all the heroes are incorporated into the lens range.
Players observer pattern than normal delayed three minutes of the game, so there is no risk of leakage game information. Observer watching the process at any time to exit the game, the system does not punish the behavior.
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Episode 21 contained a mental breakdown in prison Beijing Yimin Chung Joon finally together
Yi Min Joon Chung told,louis vuitton man bags no matter the time she knew, or did not know the time, she loves Jun Min. Min Jun recall your four years of a criterion, because there is always going to leave, so he does not get paid insisted, avoid moving true feelings. Min Jun leave days predictable, that day happened a massive meteor shower, people came outside to watch. Song Yi Min Jun and balcony, Chung Yi Xiang Min Jun spoiled, he and his vow to be together. Iraq eyes closed Wishing Song, Min Jun's voice suddenly sounded in the ears, in his final goodbye. He asked Chung Iraq take care of yourself, and not to shoot the kiss, not allowed close contact with another man, and finally he said he would have been looking for ways to stay in Iraq around Ode to Ode Iraq Do not worry, be happy in live, Wan one he really come back,louis vuitton speedy 30 damier ebene let Chung Yi Che bottom forget. Chung said he can not do in Iraq, two people back to, shed tears of sadness. Chung and other Iraqi turned around, Min Jun has left, Chung was uncomfortable squatting on the ground in Iraq, but he kept crying.
An Ode to the Iraqi representative personally come and talk about the contract, but now there is no thought to work in Iraq Chung, Min Jun gone from her restless flies. Beijing is about to stand trial load, he wants to help his father shot him, but his father refused, he finally realized that his son has been spent, and completely lost humanity. Chung Yi Jing-hui to visit her home, she told that he will not forget Min Hui Jing Jun, Min Joon because she believes in another place, and she shared with a miss. Song Yi Min Joon house plants found vitality up again, she was very pleased, she knew Min Joon's body will be better, he must be doing well now. Yun-hui Beijing before and meticulous care Chung Iraq, in fact, had already left before Jun Min everywhere entrusted Iraqi people to help take care of song.
Chung Yi inadvertently started, the US director of the World Come to her house to give her shooting schedule. World America saw a look of sad tribute Iraq, she could not actually leave Min Joon she has so much harm. Shi Mei Chung told Iraqi feelings occasionally things can go, time will heal everything. Chung Yi asked her what time it will not feel bad, the Bank said the United States he spent fifteen years, and finally came out, Chung Yi was surprised. Ode to an Iraqi man went to her and therefore Min Joon visited place, she had a strange feeling, like Min Joon has been at her side, never far away.
Three years later, Chung Yi and US business world has great development, the most surprising is allowed only, and fond of astronomy, he actually discovered a new planet, attracted a large number of media pursued.louis vuitton online shop usa Upload Beijing eventually abandoned the appeal, he always saw himself in the eyes of people killed, prosecutors suspect he has appeared mental problems. Ode to the rest of Iraq in the studio, she suddenly saw the crowd Min Jun, immediately ran in that direction, but in the end no one. Chung Yi cry uncontrollably, approached the side of the Hui Jing hold her live, softly comfort her.
Chung attended the US in Iraq and the World Film Festival, Chung Yi's stunning debut attracted everyone's attention. Suddenly all around still, Song Yi Min Joon seen walking slowly toward you. He took off his coat to put on Chung Iraq, told him he refused to let her wear such revealing clothes. Chung Yi can not believe that she reach out and touch sensitive Jun's face, tears burst out instantly. purchase louis vuitton onlineMin Joon Chung Yi hug, to apologize to her, saying that he came back too late. At this point the recovery time and space, and Min Joon Chung Yi sweet kiss in front of everyone, we are very surprised. But Min Joon suddenly it disappeared again. Every time the original Min Joon can appear very short, he has not found a way to stay in the earth forever, but he has been trying, to stay longer and longer.
In the evening, and Min Joon Chung Yi lying massage chair, quietly reading Min Joon, Song Yi smiled gently at the side, the world is the best thing about it is the case.
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The drama with UFO in 1609, louis vuitton brown bag"Record of the Joseon Dynasty" recorded as the foundation, to be a writer incredible imagination, about the fall of the aliens in the Joseon Dynasty 400 years ago, with his four centuries of secret date alone in Seoul sky live. When I first arrived and still have the Earth as young and handsome appearance, and has a super-genius ability, he is currently a university lecturer were Min Joon (Jin Xiuxian ornaments). On the other hand is defiant abruptly thousand Korean stars Song Yi (Gianna Jun ornaments).
Adjacent to the men and women that bursts of sparks, and the pre-existence found related to tie him down. There are three months to be able to return to their planet are accidentally caught Min Jun and Hallyu star Song one thousand Iraqi love. [1]
Early 17th century, the UFO appeared over North Korea, which opened a period of four centuries of legend Stretching karma. Time came to contemporary, when the aliens came to Earth to teach university Min Joon (Jin Xiuxian ornaments) identity among ordinary people living in South Korea. There are three months 一枚 comet is approaching the Earth, when the four hundred years of aliens stranded on Earth will be able to return to their homeland. But, before that he always wanted to be the first time the girls met Xu Yi Hua (Kim Hyun-soo ornaments), is also eager to see 12 years ago and saved a little girl.louis vuitton handbags for women Min Jun and criticized the national popular idol thousand Iraqi Chung (Gianna Jun ornaments) neighbors, and the latter is where he university students. The initial exchange is not smooth, but soon discovered that the girl Min Jun and he had had such deep roots.
Diversity plot
Episode 1 from legendary stars that you write a love song
Joseon Dynasty Records: August 25, 1609, Jiangling mountain UFO. According to the records of the Joseon Dynasty, light sea a year (1609), there have been a UFO over the mountain Gangneung. At this time when, fifteen-year-old flower girl Xu Yi (Kim Hyun-soo ornaments), accompanied by his servant husband went home. Unfortunately, Xu should spend yet officially entered, the sudden death of her husband has become a "look door widowed" and not remarry. Hurry on his way, and suddenly the wind comes up, Xu should be spent riding the chair lift down the cliff, just as she thought it would die on the occasion, time and space still, a man suddenly pulled a chair. This man is with UFO aliens visiting Earth - are sensitive Jun (Jin Xiuxian ornaments), since he began his 400-year life on Earth.
Are sensitive Jun vision and hearing seven times higher than in humans, and always ageless. In order to deceive the public, friends only informed Zhang Yingmu (Chang-wan Kim ornaments) every decade lawyer for himself declared dead, then change the identity of continuing life. After waiting for three months Min Joon four hundred years a comet is approaching the Earth and take him back to the parent star.
Repeated reincarnation, Xu Yi contemporary flower has been transformed into a hot one thousand national idol Song Yi (Gianna Jun ornaments), beautiful appearance, she has a fatal weakness - the lack of common sense. She will remember Yi Wen became gradually grown cotton mocha, and published on the Internet, attracting a diatribe. Brokerage firm let her not to speak freely on the Internet, can be thousands of Iraqi defiant song used to, do not complain.
Song one thousand Iraqi family moved to a new area, and both happened Min Joon neighbors. They met in the elevator, are sensitive to one thousand Iraqi Chung Joon mistaken stalker. One thousand Iraqi mother Yang Chung Mi-yeon (Na Young-hee ornaments) and Liu Mei (Liu Renna ornaments) mother to dinner, the Bank is also an actor, but the United States has been a bland, her mother Mi-yeon was very jealous. In fact, very greedy Mi-yeon, a song with a salary squandered in Iraq. In the evening, thousands of Iraqi song at home to see friends criticize their own brain damage, very depressed.lv bags outlet online She sang loudly vent at home, but unfortunately all too sensitive hearing Min Joon, heard across the wall. He could not bear to go home one thousand Iraqi song reminded her voice down. One thousand Iraqi Chung said he was scolded for a day, at night to vent about, and was scolded in front of all the earth Min Jun's face fire and shut the door. Du Min Jun home, heard the song Iraq next door crying, heart some remorse.
Media reports thousands of Illinois to go to college with a song artist identity, but rarely occurs in the classroom, she slammed the media again. She immediately ordered the brokerage firm to go back to school. Happened Today's lesson is all on Jun Min, in his study of one thousand Iraqi Chung school professor. After class one thousand Iraqi Chung Min Joon both intentional and cotton, and asked him to spare for their papers, but they do not eat this Min Joon. One thousand Iraqi Chung has a childhood called Li Jing (Park Hae Jin ornaments), is the S & C Group's second son, great admiration for her. The Hui Jing came back from the United States, the United States and around the world with them for dinner, asked her to marry him to witness his own song Iraq. Ode to one thousand Iraqi or rejected, the original she was a man, the man twelve years ago saved her life, she always wanted to say thank you to find him.
Min Jun and 张英牧 are playing chess, he told the British herd themselves after leaving Earth for three months, the British herd is very sad. Min Chun said his twelve years ago he saved a little girl, the girl and himself first came to Earth when met Xu Yi flower looks exactly the same, he wanted to see her again before leaving.
Du Min Chung Chun and one thousand head of Iraq met in the elevator, but the two do not know each other is to find people who care deeply about their own ......

Episode 2 Song Yimin Shi Jun friction America love love Hui Jing
Clock back to 400 years ago have come to a fair stroll Min Joon, a gambler to bet money to buy medicine for his daughter to participate in betting. However stall cheating with skills are too harsh Jun Min, shot to help him win the prize. Night, Xu Yi floral arrangements in the den mother transcribed by the book, the sudden appearance of a black man kidnapped her, are sensitive Jun use his super powers, rescued her. Flowers should be recognized that this man was rescued before the cliff own mysterious person would wish to spend all Min Joon lost Bob returned to her. Bob is now kept in the museum, are sensitive Joon Chang to visit, in fact, want to recall and should spend the time spent together. Back to the modern, thousands of Iraqi and Chung Min Joon are met in the elevator, thousands of Iraqi Chung Min Joon dislike for, the irony of his words, the results with the classical Min Joon Chung Yi scolded meal, she was furious with anger, but no further mouth of force. In the evening, Min Jun made a nightmare, the dream appears only a pair of woman's legs wearing high heels, the woman encountered danger. He put his dream told British animal husbandry, animal husbandry British suspect that this is unfortunate Jun Min predict what will happen, and let him try to help the woman. Min Joon has hesitated, he recalled in the bazaar helped gamblers four hundred years ago, and later he met again gambler side, the man actually mortgaged his daughter as a bet, but I do not know convergence win the final bereaved. He felt that people have their own lives, they can not interfere in someone else's life.
One thousand Iraqi song in the background, make-up, she wore Min Joon actually is exactly the same dream shoes. Ode thousand Iraqi agent persuaded her to participate in the reality show's filming a file named Chung thousand ite series, recorded 24 hours of her life. One thousand Iraqi Chung had no interest, can one hear their competitors Han Yu-ra intentionally participating in this program, she immediately took off. World US deliberately to disclose Chung Han Yu-ra special edition appeared in Iraq and her fight for the limelight, Han Yu-ra very angry.
Shooting day, Chung Yi hype in front of the camera, he said he studied hard, sincere, no star shelf. But the sudden appearance of the Xanadu Min Joon classroom, turn her fight back to the prototype.best louis vuitton bag 2013 She handed over a ghostwriter assistant papers, assistant assured her of plagiarism were a few decades ago an old article, the teacher never found. But after watching both Min Joon actually precisely the source of each piece out of Iraq Ode article, also publicly announced to her zero, so she lost face. Mom Chung Yi Jing-hui is spread around their own son, Shi Mei mother is very upset, she felt her daughter should marry only hui Beijing. Hui Chung Yi Jing saw online was zero for comment, she wanted to find out at once comforting, as it happens the same day the United States is the world's birthday, she invited him to dinner alone, and said it's time for a man quietly best song Iraq, Hui Jing agreed. Chung Yi depressed mood, go to their high school friends fu son complained that she did not understand why people like her in the face, she said, was always called her back. English husbandry want to help Min Jun's desire, he decided to find a little girl 12 years ago.
Chung Yi drunk to go home, went to the wrong house, in Min Jun doorstep mad by password, but not always, they launched a bacchanal. Min Jun helpless house opened the door, Chung Yi proceeded into his home. Min Jun to spread on the sofa Chung Yi helpless, this time to Chung Hui Jing Yi phone call, received a Min Jun. Yi Min Joon Chung learned at home, immediately rush past. Jing Hui Chung warned him against Iraq allowed unnatural.
Chung Yi Jing-hui will be sent home, Chung Yi eyes closed asleep, Hui Jing moment distracted, can not help but want to kiss her, and suddenly woke Chung Yi, Hui Jing calm roar open. Jing Hui way home remembered about the beauty of the world, immediately called over to apologize. World America tears over the phone, but the mouth is saying something she just could not go.
Song Yi Min Joon falls wallet at home, he saw an opening, inside the photo is actually under twelve years ago they have saved the little girl. He went crazy looking for a thousand Iraqi song, would like to clarify the whereabouts of the girl. One thousand Iraqi Chung in beauty salon encounter Han Yu-ra, the two quarreled. Then came Jun Min, forced Iraq to the song on the terrace. He asked who Ode Iraqi girl in the photo is a very serious tone, under Chung Yi alarmed, motionless, staring at him ......

Episode 3 Min Joon Chung care for a sick song Iraq Iraqi dream implied danger
Min Jun recalled four hundred years ago, and the case should be spent to get along with Xu, Yi flowers for her mother in order to apply for "paragons" title, she lied hanged himself, and sent around to kill her. Jun Min was afraid should spend any eventuality, personally nursing her back to her parents Gangneung. Along the way, both day and night relative, soon fell in love.
Back to modern times,louis vuitton background dressing in the world of beauty and song Iraq chatting, two juniors came to say hello to them flattering Ode Iraq, but the eye does not see the world the United States. Ode to the United States after leaving Iraq alive two younger warning to the United States and put them on the world to respect the point, the two younger nodded, but losing ground in Iraq behind the curse song. Jing-hui in the office did not like the couple, was chief whipped the meal, when we can work suddenly found his whole family, that he is the president's second son, big change everyone's attitude immediately.
Lee Jae Hui Jing Jing's brother called him to the office, he was asked about the situation in the company work. At this time director Huang reported incident came some time ago the company acquired householders sudden death was suspicious and decided to investigate the matter. In fact, Beijing is contained mastermind behind it, he was determined to get rid of yellow director.
Chung Yi burst appendicitis, brokers Avatar happened back to the countryside, she reluctantly went to the hospital to fend for themselves, go right there next to the hospital emergency Min Joon, they go with. The doctor ordered immediate surgery, in order to maintain the image of the Iraqi song, called Min Joon temporarily act as a broker to help run their own admission procedures. Ode Iraq operation went very well, with her nurse asked Min Joon walks to help bowels. They found that out the window in the corridor under the snow, Min Xu Jun recall previous liked snow should spend that day in the snow, she formally to his confession. Ode to Iraq can only think of the immediate snow to eat fried chicken and drink beer, Min Jun was very silent.
Yi Jing Hui Chung received the news immediately rushed to hospital appendicitis can bodyguards would not let him go, and finally the United States with his world into the room. In fact, the US has secret crush Hui Shi Jing, every time I see concern Chung Hui Jing Yi, she is very sad. Min Joon Chung implied by Horoscope Iraq not to touch the water, also took her shoes, hoping to avoid the misfortune of dreams. Min Joon own BB phone number left the hospital, took the opportunity to praise the Iraqi contact him to his books, but her look is more vulgar romance, Min Jun is very disdain. Chung Iraqi mother and brother to the hospital to visit her mother called the large number of reporters with the film, Song Yi was very disgusted, angry crowd away. Chung Yi father came to the hospital door, he hesitated, and ultimately did not go to visit, but this time is the ward Chung Yi missed father. Upload director Wong Jing on insulin tampered with, leading to his death hypoglycemia, father Li Fan of sad after hearing the news. Chung Yi know their favorite shoes were taken away Min Jun,louis vuitton cherry purse disguised asked him to come to school, Min Chun denied. Yu Jing has secretly pull and load contacts a year, hold a lot of load on Yoga handle handle Beijing, Beijing upload to threaten her marriage. Actress 卢素英 wedding invitation many celebrities, Chung Yi will also attend, but the venue is actually on the luxury cruise ship, it is not, and Min Joon dreams have anything ......
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